Our monthly plan is as-easy-as 1-2-3 

Just follow these three steps below 

Step 1: Choose a monthly plan that fits your company the best

Out of our four monthly payment plans, you choose the best plan according to your company's profile. Basically, this is based on how many employees you have in your company, how many transactions you do every month and how much your annual gross revenue is. 

Step 2: Send us Your Accounting Documents

Each month, we will provide you with a pre-addressed envelope. Enclosed with a checklist to help you remember what kind of accounting documents we require. Once you collect all necessary documents, please give us a call, we will pick it up or send a courier to pick up. 

Step 3: File Your Tax and Grow Your Business

We will prepare bookkeeping, organize your receipts, and ask any questions that we may have to complete the monthly bookkeeping. After all is done, we will provide you with a financial report to help you understand your financial performance. If there is any taxes need to be filed, we will get it filed upon your agreement. 

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